Bay FM

Bay FM is a Port Stephens FM radio station, broadcasting on 88.0, specifically serving the Tomaree and Tilligerry Peninsulas, just north of Newcastle.

Locally owned and operated, Bay FM's studios and transmitter are located in Nelson Bay, the Heart of Port Stephens

            Nelson Bay, Heart of Port Stephens     Nelson Bay, Heart of Port Stephens

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  Nelson Bay, Heart of Port Stephens
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Nelson Bay Aerial

About Us

"Bay FM, playing the music you grew up with" ™

Bay FM has a music format of “the music you know and remember” by and large focusing on the great music of the 60s and 70s.

This format is well suited to the holiday atmosphere of the Peninsulas for all age groups and is specifically targeted to the over 45s, the age group which accounts for the bulk of residents.

Bay FM, Nelson Bay, Heart of Port Stephens

Bay FM is owned and operated by a local family, who have been
in the Australian broadcasting industry for 50 years.

The licence for Bay FM, one of their current stations, was granted on 29th April 1998

The Bay FM Team

Reg Dowton

Reg Dowton

Breakfast - 5am to 9am Monday to Friday
Breakfast/Mornings - 6am to 12noon Saturday

Gary Newton

Gary Newton

Morning - 9am to 1pm Monday to Friday
Afternoon - 12noon to 6pm Saturday
Rod Poynter

Rod Poynter

Afternoon - 1pm to 6pm Monday to Friday
Afternoon - 12noon to 6pm Sunday

Daryl Reader

Daryl Reader

Nights - 6pm to 12midnight Monday to Friday
Breakfast/Morning - 6am to 12noon Sunday

Jeannie Brown

Jeannie Brown

Midnight to Dawn Monday to Wednesday
Saturday Night Party Night 6pm-12mid


Bay FM Features

Behind The Wheel - 8.20am, 11.20am & 4.20pm Mon-Fri and repeated Sunday mornings between 6am-12noon

Tourist Information 15mins past the hour
every hour, every day.

Community Sevice and Events

Bay FM's Community Message Board
Port Stephens Events

Port Stephens Community Markets

  Nelson Bay, Heart of Port Stephens
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Advertising with Bay FM

Of all the mass media, Radio is best placed to allow consistent, cost efficient advertising to achieve top of mind status for your business…
       and Bay FM has a range of advertising packages to suit your need and budget..

  • Our ad.Premium™ package is designed for high impact, high frequency enforcement of your message with 7 x 30-second radio commercials per day
    (49 per week for 13 weeks)
    placed across Bay FM's schedule Monday to Sunday, 5am to midnight… with no-charge bonus spots in our Mid dawn sessions.

    Download ad.Premium
    Click Download for pdf of package details

  • Our ad. Vance™ package enables you to advance that consistency of advertising over 26 weeks.

    Whether it’'s a car, plumbing service, new computer, furniture or home improvements the decision to buy is made as a consequence of a need.
    When that need arises, to which company will your potential customer turn to, to make their purchase?

    They'’ll go to the first person they think of! Logically, they will turn to the company that they know.
    This is top of mind…... having your name tattooed on their brain so you are the first thought of to fulfil their required need.

    The ad. Vance™ package consists of 7 x 30-second commercials per day (49 per week for 26 weeks).

    Download ad.Vance
    Click Download for pdf of package details

  • Our ad.Vantage™ package consists of either 21 x 15-second commercials or 14 x 30-second commercial per week for 52 weeks.

    This long term schedule can save you up to 64% on our standard rates
    and you can add short term “call to action” or “sale” campaigns to your schedule at the same economical rates
    and these rates are protected for the term of your 12-month contract.

    Download ad.Vantage
    Click Download for pdf of package details

  • For shorter term advertising our ad.Impact™ package is ideal to add superior impact and enhance your overall campaign!

    It features high frequency placement to really “bring home” your message, with 7 x 30 second radio commercials per day (49 per week for 4 weeks).
    And is perfect for monthly seasonal campaigns, sale months and for reinforcement of your advertising in other media.

    Download ad.Impact
    Click Download for pdf of package details

  • For maximum impact there’s Bay FM's ad.Action™ schedule to generate immediate response, impart urgent information or instantly combat competitor activity
    with 100 x 30 second radio commercials for 1 week.

    Download ad.Action
    Click Download for pdf of package details

  • Bay FM's ad.Jacent™ package is the opportunity to exclusively sponsor a program feature where you'll receive focused listener interest.
    You'll receive client credit introduction, your commercial adjacent to the feature spot and promotional pointers with client credit throughout the schedule.

    Download ad.Jacent
    Click Download for pdf of package details

  • When you advertise with Bay FM you have our guarantee of service..
          • Regular contact by our Bay FM Account Service Team
          • Our Sales Manager is personally available to discuss your marketing plans and needs
          • If you require it our award-winning copywriter is available to script your commercial
          • And our Production Team is available to produce a new commercial within 2 days of copy approval, with access to over 100 top professional voice-over artists.

    To discuss how advertising with Bay FM can help your business contact a member of our Sales Team on 4984 4673